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"It Works! Woman With PCOS" Product Review

I have PCOS and this was the 2nd time I have bought this product. It actually came earlier than I expected it too. I was told at 19 that it would be hard for me to get pregnant without fertility drugs because of my PCOS, tilted uterus, and being RH negative. But at age 21 I took seven different pregnancy tests because I couldn't believe it I was PREGNANT! But we only made it to 8 weeks, and I had a miscarriage. We are trying again, so far it's been 7 months and no BFP yet. But the first time it took 9 months before I got pregnant with this GREAT stuff, although I like it in the syringe better because I feel it gets to the exact place it needs to go. Also if you try and lose weight with this stuff it works like a charm. Hopefully we will have our baby soon!!!

By Heaven Woodard