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When Is a Woman Most Fertile ?

Pregnancy is the most delicate period in the life of a woman. If you try to conceive you have to take initiative, then chances of becoming pregnant will be higher. Nowadays, fertility has become a challenging matter for woman for different reasons. We, the woman, know that the discontinuation of Woman’s period is the indicator of pregnancy. But, most of the woman is ignorant of the fertile window . To be more fertile, woman should pay attention to the menstruation cycle which plays the significant role in conceiving. To increase the chances of becoming pregnant you should understand every step of getting pregnant. To know woman’s most fertile time, have a look on these steps:

Know the Fertile Window:

The Fertile Window indicates the most fertile days in woman’s menstrual cycle which commits your highest chances of conception. Woman is able to conceive on six days out of the entire periodical cycle. Woman can be pregnant on the day of ovulation and on five days immediately prior to the ovulation day. These six days are the Fertile Window in woman’s period–cycle. The Fertile Window differs from woman-to-woman and to cycle- to- cycle. Generally woman, who has a normal menstruation cycle of 28 days, reaches the fertile window just after two weeks or after 14 days of period. Length and consistency of woman’s menstrual cycle, stress and malnutrition influence the fertile window. So, to become pregnant, at first focus on your fertile window.

Know Your Ovulation Period: 

Ovulation is the important part of the periodical cycle. At the time of ovulation, ovary discharges ovum and this ovum travels down to the fallopian tube and waits for the sperm to get fertilized. This ovum survives about a day once it is released. Intercourse on the Ovulation day and on two days prior to Ovulation day can deliver you 27%-33% chances of becoming pregnant. If you are thinking of getting pregnant, listen to your body. Your body will surely get some signs and signals when you will meet ovulation. It will start around three weeks before you expect your next period. T

ry to Understand the Signs of Ovulation:

If you try to conceive, you have to detect your ovulation period and this is possible only if you can understand the approaching signs of ovulation. There are some ways to find out the ovulation period.

  • Vaginal discharge gets wetter .This fertile mucus will show you the changes in your body.
  • You will feel a little bit discomfort on one side of your belly.
  • You will feel more physical attraction to get company from your partner.
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