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Vaginal Dryness And Your Path To Pregnancy

Intercourse 'on demand' around ovulation can take the enjoyment out of love making and can lead to increased vaginal dryness. Nearly three quarters of couples trying-to-conceive reported increased levels of vaginal dryness which was negatively impacting their sex lives. Researchers have shown that those couples that are able to enjoy making love during ovulation have the best marital satisfaction scores, and possibly quicker times to conception. In contrast, when sex becomes painful because of dryness, or not satisfying due to performance stress, the relationship can really suffer. It is also important to note that the better intercourse feels for our men, in terms of being stimulating and exciting, the more swimming sperm he can make. Some studies have shown up to 50% more sperm are produced in ejaculations from an enjoyable event versus a 'have to get it done' event.

Most lubricants kill or harm Sperm motility

Most commercial lubricants have been shown as harmful to sperm health, so if you are using a lubricant during intercourse because of vaginal dryness, choose a sperm friendly lubricant such as Conceive Plus. To survive and function, human sperm requires an environment that contains certain electrolytes and is within a narrow range of pH, osmolality and tonicity. The World Health Organisation has reported that the optimal condition for sperm survival and migration in the cervical mucus requires a pH in the range of 7.0 to 8.5 and an isotonic solution. Sasmar Conceive Plus is one fertility lubricant that is carefully formulated so that both pH and osmolality are at levels which are safe for sperm. There are other fertility lubricants available which are also specifically formulated to be safe for sperm, assist sperm motility and relieve vaginal dryness to increase the changes of getting pregnant.

Fertility Lubricants and Low Sperm Count

Fertility lubricants may also assist where the male partner suffers from a low sperm count because additional moisture and trace elements provide an easier path for sperm to swim up through the cervix and to reach the egg. A low sperm count does not mean that you cannot have children, it means that there are fewer than normal healthy sperm in an ejaculation so with this in mind it makes good sense to use a fertility lubricant that contains magnesium and calcium ions to ensure sperm remain healthy for as long as possible while they make their long journey towards the egg.